Post-radiation update: ugh.

Last treatment was the 19th. Half of my chest is obviously healing. One-quarter is obviously not healing and may be worse (slightly swollen/puffy and always hot).

So I went to SCCA Proton Center today. They confirmed that it was good to come in.

The concern is cellulitis.

So aggressive prevention: starting oral antibiotics, complicated by penicillin and sulfa allergies. (I wish I could remember circumstances around sulfa.) No silver oxide cream (sulfa) but I’ve always tolerated triple bacitracin ointment (which contains sulfates – who knew?) so using that. New dressing (10-15 min soak, 4x/day).

No fever, just tired. But that could be from poor sleep.

Turns out that, along with lymphedema, breast/lymph cellulitis is not unusual with radiation and ancillary lymph node dissection.

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