Proton therapy: that’s a wrap!

Today was my last proton therapy treatment! The machine decided to remind me of day one: the first (of four) treatments took 20+ minutes (instead of <5). It really doesn’t like low barometric pressure/rain.

Like Monday, I took a nap this afternoon, although today’s treatment didn’t kick my ass like yesterday’s.

The hydrogel has been a godsend. I don’t understand why some patients don’t care for it.

My neck/collarbone area has been bothering me all evening. So I added a small hydrogel there. And a large one under my arm. That’s on top of the two large ones I put on after treatment this morning. The tape is either to protect the edges (they get hard and gouge-y when they dry out) or to tie overlapping pieces together.

I look like something partially dressed in bits of plastic from Bladerunner! My tank helps hold the dressings in place.

Now a week to 10 days of continued discomfort… or so they say.


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