Kicking worry and anxiety to the curb, one-day-at-a-time

Like most fear/worry, it’s the anticipation that’s the worst bit.

My maiden visit to Olympus Spa post-mastectomy was a lovely afternoon.

I seem to have forgotten Dale Carnegie’s advice about worry:

  1. Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?”
  2. Prepare to accept the worst.
  3. Try to improve on the worst.

FYI, Olympus Spa is a Korean-style women-only spa with various hot pools, cold pool, dry/wet sauna, body scrubs in hair-cap-only area.

Korean cafe; tea room; massage; facial; manicure; hot/warm/cold relaxation rooms are all “wear-your-robe” areas.

I avoided the hot-hot-hot rooms (well, I walked in the coolest one, which is 145, and walked back out less than 30 seconds later) and spent a very limited time in the hottest hot tub. I spent most of my time in the 97-degree tub (and idly wondered why the 90 degree water felt “cold” but a 90 degree room felt “hot”).

Eleanor  Roosevelt quote source

naked spa

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