Kickstarter: Chemo Kitchen Cookbook

The Chemo Kitchen Cookbook is a collection of recipes written by award-winning chefs, created specifically for people going through taste change during cancer treatment. It’s coming to you from Seattle via Kickstarter.

Most recipes are around 8 ingredients and 45 minutes from counter to plate. Delicious dishes for people in treatment, sure, but the cookbook also provides an opportunity and place for the outpouring of support from people who want to help and just make a dish or two.

Taste a recipe!

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Chefs involved in this Seattle-based project include Tom Douglas, Chef Geoff, Ethan Stowell, Mary Ann Esposito, Thierry Rautureau, Skye Craig and Carrie Nahabedian. The cookbook contains more than 50 compelling recipes from 30 award-winning chefs.


Please support this Kickstarter! (Hey, I want the cookbook!)

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