First year anniversary, mastectomy

Yesterday, August 30, was the first year mastectomy anniversary, and I expected it to be a difficult day, like the lumpectomy anniversary was.

But it was kind of a non-event.

I joked about it to my PT (we had our surgeries the same day with the same surgeon) at 11 and had two afternoon meetings. I came home, did some SOS web stuff for work, ran errands.

But I didn’t sleep well.

I’d mentioned to Mike on Tuesday that the AI-triggered hot flashes* seemed to have disappeared but not the fatigue and holes-in-brain. Then 20 minutes later, hot flash (of course).

I had a couple of hot flashes Thursday night. One of them led me to remove the lymphedema garment (the pink “oven mitt”).

Today I went to qi gong, came home and helped a friend get started with Isagenix. Finished up yesterday’s web SOS from work. Then crashed: two hour nap. Woke up not knowing where I was or what day it was.

And another hot flash at dinner.

Maybe the hot flashes are my body’s reaction to the anniversary?

I sure hope they aren’t back.


* I started the AI, aromatase inhibitor, in February. It stops the body from making all estrogen: menopause on steroids. Standard low-estrogen side effects: hot flashes, memory, joint pain, fatigue.

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