The 2011 story, part 3


Needle Core Biopsy 1: Atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH)
Needle Core Biopsy 2: Atypical lobular hyperplasia (ALH)

I having two surgical biopsies (lumpectomies) scheduled. I will go in about 8.15 and come out between 1 and 2 pm. Mike will do a “work from home” day so that he can drive me to and fro.

My surgeon is the same woman who performed my colon resection; she specializes in minimally invasive surgery, including breast cancer. I learned this when I saw her in February, because there was a patient in the waiting room discussing her results with a friend. Yes, I could “go downtown” but I think at this stage the fact that I am comfortable with the surgeon is incredibly important. Plus, she shifted her schedule to get me in next week; I start teaching spring quarter the following week.

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The 2011 story, part 2

digital mammagraphy

For those of you tuning in now, I had two core needle biopsies of the right breast (for calcifications) yesterday at Virginia Mason’s breast clinic downtown.

There is no need to read this or reply. I need to write about it … and I know that some of you have had this procedure and some of you may at some time have it. So I’m sharing the writing.

I wrote this in a thread on how technology augments the brain, a five-week online class/discussion on mind amplifiers that I am taking with Howard Rheingold.

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The 2011 story, part 1


Hi, folks … it’s annual medical check up time. I had my mammogram on Monday. As is normal, I got a call Tuesday morning saying more views were needed. I did that Tuesday afternoon. (The benefit of being on medical leave: an open schedule.) The results this time, however, were different.

Last time (two years ago?) I had a followup ultrasound and somethingthat I vaguely recall as a sample.

This time I have to have two biopsies of the right breast for suspicious calcifications.

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Ellen Dollar Gill remembered

Today is the fourth anniversary of my mother’s death. I still miss her, but I can and do laugh at some of my memories!

She was a pistol, as we say in the south. She drove a powder puff stock car, could make an adding machine run hot (her fingers were so fast), carried a small caliber pistol in the VW glovebox and loved her Coca-Cola. Housekeeping was not high on her list of priorities (I inherited that). She never met a stranger (I inherited that, too) and had an incredible green thumb (not so much, that one, but I try).

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