What is intermittent fasting? And is it a good idea?

Fasting be back soon

Intermittent fasting, or intermittent energy restriction, is an umbrella term for a diet which involves cycling between a period of significantly reduced caloric intake (fasting) and a period of regular eating.

“Diet” or “dietary restriction” is what most of us think of as “going on a diet”, that is, reducing caloric intake.

Eating fewer calories.

Losing weight.

Those of us with estrogen-positive breast cancer who reduce our risk of recurrence by blocking the body’s estrogen production (aromatase inhibitors) … often find that weight gain is a direct side effect.

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What does depression look (and feel) like?

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Just came back from a research screening session for depression at the University of Washington. They’re testing iPad/iPhone video game(s) for their ability to help reshape the brain. (This is my hypothesis given that there are before and after MRIs.)

It was much longer than I expected … and the conversational history wasn’t that different from an intake session with a new therapist. Read that as HARD.

I am physically the most wrung out that I’ve been in a long time.

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