COVID-19 πŸ’‰ vaccination (second shot)

My second BioNTech-Pfizer shot was scheduled for Saturday 13 February, but snowmageddon nixed that! Seattle Cancer Care Alliance called on Monday and rescheduled me for Thursday.

There were far fewer people in the queue this time. I arrived 30 minutes early, which was the magic maximum I could enter early. Again, paperwork prepared at home. In about five minutes, I was in the shot line.

My nurse, Rick, had 35 years with cancer patients. He was awesome!

We discussed my lymphedema; my reactions to first dose. He agreed that thigh was best approach. Right arm, left thigh; he did the opposite limb without asking me.

He said that thigh was preferred to buttocks because of risk to sciatic nerve. He laughed when I told him that my breast cancer group had wondered about β€˜padding.’

I learned that the comfy heated chair was an exception: there was only one! No such luck this time.

But I was in-and-out in 35 minutes.

Will update post with side effects.

24-hour mark

I have a low-grade fever (0.7 above normal for me). The injection site in my thigh is now tender to touch, but still not as tender as right arm was with the first dose.

I slept REALLY poorly Thursday night and want a nap. Thus, fatigue.

I’m having hot flashes that are different from my normal ones. I can’t explain that but they feel different.

48 hour mark

Full fatigue set in Friday afternoon. I napped from about 6-9.30 Friday night. Woke up and thought it was coffee time!

Saturday: slept until 11 this morning. 😱

Swelling in clavicles again. Intermittent low-grade fever continues.



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