2021 cancer visits begin with bone density check


The view is very different on the second floor, which I think of as testing central.

Dexa scan today, to check for bone density. Bone loss occurs when taking an estrogen blocker daily (treatment for estrogen+ cancer; that is, cancer that grows more rapidly in the presence of estrogen).

Given that I had a Zometa treatment in November (the last one, to stimulate bone growth), I hope it’s still looking good.

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2015 looks to be a transformative year with Isagenix

Isagenix shake

It’s a milestone birthday year, so we’re planning a big motorcycle trip this summer. And I decided to cut my hair (it’s not been short since about 2007).

In April, I asked a friend what he was doing to lose weight. I’d watched his very public shedding of 50 pounds as he made daily Facebook posts of his mid-day walks. I learned he and his wife were using Isagenix products.

I talked to Rod and his friend who had introduced him to Isagenix. I did a bit of reading and I thought “why not?” The worst that can happen is it tastes awful or I can’t tell any difference — and they’ll give me my money back (30 day guarantee).

I’m still a little stunned at the changes. I’ve lost about 20 pounds since starting in mid-April
(Update Sept 2).


My Isagenix story

My box of wellness products arrived Monday April 6, and I started on Tuesday April 7. On Thursday morning, I was singing in the kitchen. I am not a morning person. I’d stopped singing just about anytime, I realized later.

  • I feel like I have more energy. (Mike concurs).
  • My appetite seems to be reduced.

I’ve lost four pounds – and have seriously not been trying. I’ve not even been in sync with the recommended program.


So, what am I doing?

  • I’ve been religious about the first-thing-in-the-morning tonic. It seems to be full of plant adaptogens.
  • Most days I have one shake as a meal substitute. Some days, two. It tastes good and is filling. Mike likes it, too, and he’s starting his plan next week.
  • The vitamin pack was similar to what I was already taking, but it has some new things. So, substitution.
  • There’s a magnesium-based bedtime supplement. Although magnesium supplements alone did nothing for my migraine symptoms, maybe there’s a missing mineral being supplied in the Isagenix products that is causing it to work now. [Note: my neurologist recommended butterbur when I said “no more” to the anti-depression/epilepsy drugs that we making me slow and fat. Butterbur has helped tremendously. Her only other suggestion has been botox, which I declined.]

Oh. And I started my dad on the meal replacement shakes (they really are tasty!) to help him with nutrition (he was eating corn flakes and raisin bran for breakfast Too Often).


What is Isagenix?

Isagenix sells nutritional products: protein shakes, weight loss supplements, diet snacks and meals, and other dietary supplements. The global company is based in Arizona and was founded in 2002. Revenue in 2012 was approximately $335 million. It is structured as a direct sales, network marketing company.

These were the bits that led to say “what the hell? the worst that can happen is it tastes awful and doesn’t work for me and in that case they’ll give me my money back.”

Start with the science: part is intermittent fasting, with fasting being defined as reduced caloric intake, not a true fast. I’d already started researching this before finding this system.

A 10-week clinical study of the 30-day weight loss program, conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago, showed superior results when compared with a “heart-healthy” dietary plan.

The UIC study’s abstract won the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) Obesity Research Interest Section abstract competition. In addition, the study was selected for an oral presentation in April at ASN’s [2013] annual meeting at the Experimental Biology conference in Boston…

The Isagenix system led to a 56 percent greater reduction in average weight loss, 47 percent greater reduction in average body fat loss, twice as much visceral fat loss, and 35 percent greater reduction of oxidative stress. The study subjects also reported greater adherence on the Isagenix plan and that they considered it convenient and easy to follow.

The study’s results were published in two peer-reviewed journals, Nutrition and Metabolism and Nutrition Journal…

On average, the MRI scans showed that the group taking Isagenix products lost twice the amount of visceral fat when compared to those who followed a “heart-healthy” diet. The group also had reductions in subcutaneous fat—the thick white outer layer outside of the outlined section.


A year-long clinical study followed up on the UIC study. Like its predecessor, it beat the traditional heart-healthy diet (pdf).

Summary of Skidmore Study
Preliminary summary of Skidmore Study results


Finally, this is an oldish clip of Dr. Nick Messina talking about  his a clinical trial of one (on himself) before becaming a convert.

At one of the college reunion events (one reason we went to Georgia), I talked to two women – a few years ahead of me in college – who are also using Isagenix products. One, like me, was focused on health issues; she’s been using the products about six months and has had beyond-expectation results. The other was focused on weight. She lost 26 pounds in 5-6 weeks and her husband lost a little bit more than she. Another friend from UW used the 30-day system to break through a weight loss plateau.

As with anything dietary or medical, everyone’s body chemistry is different. What works for one person may not work for another. But the Isagenix system has worked for thousands. And if it doesn’t work for you, there’s that 30-day money-back offer.

Talk to me if you’d like to know more.

And always consult with your doctor before beginning a weight loss program.