26 April 2004 – 17 February 2020

Lockwood’s Kiss Me Kate, better known as Katie, came to live with us in October 2004. She was six months old, and Peaches (puppy photo below) had died in August.

We met her breeders, John and Carol Woodman, at the OR/WA Cairn “fun day” on Labor Day weekend. I wasn’t sure I could be around that many Cairns without crying, but it was OK. She had been promised to another breeder, but something happened and we got the call from Jill Arnell to head to Pierce County to visit.

She picked us, and John OKed the pick. 🙂

She flew to Georgia as well as The Bahamas! She traveled in Maurie and Dixie’s RV as well. She even had a few motorcycle rides; we fixed up a crate that attached to Kathy’s TransAlp.

She was never quite happy in a vehicle; as she aged, it seemed she was more anxious traveling than waiting at home for us to return. So we did the latter.

She developed allergies in early 2017, concurrent with Mike and Kathy’s medical issues. Fortunately, she tolerated prednisone nose drops, so we didn’t have to give her oral meds. She died in February 2020, as COVID19 was moving into national consciousness.

Facebook is a marvel for memories. Need to find pre-Facebook photos and scan them.

Pictures of Katie

“Prairie Dog”
I was a strawberry brindle when I was young!” In South Carolina at Judy and Brant’s 25th wedding anniversary. 07/30/2005 


“Frog dog” Katie. 09/09/2007


On the deck. 06/28/2009.


Katie didn’t really play catch/fetch. But she loved to chase the frisbee-like toy and chew it. Until she tired of it! 8/4/2011


Doggie on a stump. One of Kathy’s absolute favorite pictures. 09/17/2011


Little black dog in the snow. 01/19/2012


Really, you want to towel me? Mike’s surprise birthday weekend at Long Beach, WA. 12/02/2012


Katie with Kathy on King County Heart Walk. 10/11/2014


Rocko and Katie lounging on their own pillows on the back of the sofa. 10/27/2014


Little black dog @ UW Arboretum  in Seattle
She’s dragging her short, woven lead. A couple of times I had her sit beside me while I stood on it, as other dogs wandered by. But here, we’re on the way back to the truck… and she was in a hurry. And muddy. OMG! Muddy! 03/07/2015


Afternoon at UW campus. I’m looking at the camera! (Dad is not.) 08/09/2015


Perfect balance on an incline, if I say so myself! (She’ll do anything for a carrot.) 08/09/2015


Katie loved rolling in summer grass! She hated grooming. 🙂 8/15/2015


Dapper! Waiting for Christmas portrait (a first). 12/20/2015


Sound asleep in my Thundershirt.
(Prep for visit to vet for blood draw.) 03/17/2018


Senior (15 yo) Kate in her lounge chair on the deck. 2019.


Last trip, to San Juan Islands. 01/26/2020


Saying good-bye. 02/17/2020.


Pictures of Peaches (Nightfalls Georgia Peach)

I found a puppy book! This is probably early 1989 (maybe late 1988). ❤️  She got the Redskins sweater for Christmas. Yes, she had been to a groomer who probably used scissors. Like Katie, she quickly went dark.