October 2017 breast cancer awareness

I published a post-a-day during October 2017 as part of October, breast cancer awareness month.

  1. Lobular breast cancer: the sixth most common cancer affecting women
  2. Managing breast cancer risk: the role of exercise
  3. Cancer and heart disease in virtual tie for number of deaths in US
  4. Is early breast cancer detection a myth?
  5. Are breast cancer survival rates meaningful?
  6. What is metastatic breast cancer?
  7. Understanding breast cancer heterogeneity, point of origin
  8. Understanding breast cancer heterogeneity, molecular profile
  9. Women have no monopoly on breast cancer
  10. What is HER2 positive breast cancer?
  11. What is triple negative breast cancer?
  12. What is lymphedema?
  13. BRCA, the breast cancer gene
  14. Breast cancer risk associated with dense breasts
  15. Sexual assault and breast cancer: is there a link?
  16. Breast cancer: what are the risks?
  17. Can I safely skip aggressive breast cancer treatment?
  18. Telling others that you have cancer
  19. Mammograms: the good, the bad and the ugly
  20. Choosing mastectomy as breast cancer treatment
  21. What are clinical trials? And should I consider joining one?
  22. The pink ribbon and October awareness: a history
  23. Breast cancer treatment: radiation therapy
  24. Questions, doctor, I have questions
  25. Putting breast cancer statistics into perspective
  26. What is endocrine therapy?
  27. The role of chemotherapy in breast cancer treatment
  28. Breast cancer and glucose: metformin
  29. What you can do to support breast cancer research
  30. The metabolic theory of cancer
  31. Where do I go from here?