Katie, the stoner dog

This is what a stoned doggie looks like, several hours later and after a visit to the vet because we thought she had gone blind. Or something.


Mike came home from pool and Katie flinched when he went to say hello. And she was wobbly/unbalanced. Didn’t want to walk. Was placid while we held her, so long as there were no sudden movements.

So we took her to the 24-hour vet. They checked vitals, said she was fine, then asked if there was any marijuana in the house. ‘No,’ we both said. And then I said, wait …

That was a very expensive $4 edible chocolate square I bought on Friday. I only ate half, and it didn’t do much to help my aches from my spectacular fall.

This morning that other half (5mg THC) was on the coffee table. I must have knocked it off before running to the store this afternoon…

But the good news is that it helped with her wheezing. So I’m going to check into getting something for her, lighter dose, no chocolate!


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