Happy new year!

happy new year

We attended a marvelous party overlooking Seattle. Bummed that the weather nixed the Space Needle fireworks.  But we still had a blast!

I wore a small shaped bra with a favorite dress that needs bumps for that V-neck. 😂 No prosthetic, just the filled-with-air cups. Two years ago I would not have dreamed I’d be comfortable enough to ever wear this dress again.

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It wasn’t just 2017 that kept on giving; 2018 is doing it, too

sun through rain

Well, as always we have good and bad news. Surprising what constitutes good these days…

The good:
Kathy continues doing well after radiation. Yes, we are challenged by the expected and unexpected side affects of removing her body’s ability to make estrogen. Welcome to the “foggy brained” club sweetie.

I’m doing very well. Yup, random aches and pains continue, but I think they are age-related.

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Quasi-anniversary missed this week


April 3, 2017 was the beginning of the cancer journey, we just didn’t know it at the time.

The follow-up mammogram wouldn’t come until April 27. I remember thinking that they couldn’t be too worried as there seemed to be no urgency regarding the followup. But I stopped my low-bio-identical estrogen patch when I got the call saying it was needed.

Biopsy would not be until May 10.

The call no one wants to make or receive, from Dr. Johnston, was Monday May 15th after COB, while I was on Link headed home from Renton.

Life with Mikey, 9

Light at the end of the prednisone tunnel! Mike saw Dr. O today … and he won’t see him again for THREE MONTHS!

Fingers crossed that in two months the joint pain is gone.