Book review: Me, My Cells and I

I read/skimmed most of an amusing and pretty science-based book about cancer, written by a fly-fisherman from Montana who was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer pretty young.

His prognosis was not good – the book is mostly the things he wished he had known and things he did contrary to or in addition to mainstream treatments. (Including qigong, which is how I found the book on Amazon.)

There’s a chapter about marijuana and not just for helping with chemo. He cited research about its shrinking and destroying tumors (who knew, given our government’s stance?). He’s also critical (in a similar manner as I) of worshiping at the altar of double-blind studies. 

Research is underway (2015)

A large body of evidence shows that cannabinoids, in addition to their well-known palliative effects on some cancer-associated symptoms, can reduce tumour growth in animal models of cancer. They do so by modulating key cell signalling pathways involved in the control of cancer cell proliferation and survival. In addition, cannabinoids inhibit angiogenesis and cell proliferation in different types of tumours in laboratory animals.

Despite legal impediments, here’s more from 2016:

“evidences obtained during the last fifteen years support that these compounds can reduce tumor growth in animal models of cancer”

More on marijuana and cancer:


Me, My Cells and I: A Survivor’s Seriously Funny Guide to the Science of Cancer. Dave Ames, September 16, 2011


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