Crowdsourcing database of lobular breast cancer research

Invasive lobular cancer represents 5-15 percent of all breast cancers (depending on the study). Although it is distinctly different and responds differently to therapy, it has been treated exactly like ductal cancer for decades.

Even though research results document that ILC and IDC respond to therapies differently, there is no research-supported treatment alternatives for ILC. Therapeutic research focused specifically on lobular cancer is the exception.

I’m creating a resource of research related to invasive lobular carcinoma; it is cataloged in a Google spreadsheet. If you like to do research, this is a request for crowdsourcing. We are looking specifically at invasive lobular carcinoma — we are not interested in triple negative or ductal.

This link is to a viewable-but-not-editable version of the spreadsheet. It will be updated daily-ish. Feel free to share this link with anyone.

Shout if you’d like to contribute.



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