The lumpectomy one-year anniversary

A year ago today, we (Mike, Maurie, Dixie and me) were at UW Medical Center for my lumpectomy. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary: I truly had no memory of this link. Nor do I remember much about last June 29th – except that was when the oxycodone headache manifested.

Monday my lymphedema was officially diagnosed.

Yesterday I had my six-month followup with my radiation oncologist. I’ll see her every six months (I’m part of a proton therapy treatment for breast cancer group) for a while.

I told her that Sue (Monday’s PT) was concerned that the sensations I get near my left clavicle (warm, nervy/itchy) is signaling lymph build up. She asked about my horrible experience with the rude plastic surgeon and clueless resident and, like Dr. Salazar, urged me to talk to patient services. Has my anger passed enough for me to be civil?

Live every day, fully awake. 💕

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