Another cancer side effect: depression

I’m starting something today that I’ve known I should do for a while. But have been unable to force myself to do.

Last month my oncologist and I talked about depression. I wanted to see a psychologist who had experience with PTSD and EMDR because I’ve been down this road before.

She put in an expedited request.

Today I saw a psychiatrist (!) because the (only SCCA) psychologist is retiring. (That was a surprise.)

And I start my antidepressant with tonight’s meal.

It’s ‘cleaner’ than Prozac, according to Dr. Howe, which I have used at two very different points in recovery (first attempt to recover from childhood trauma and then after my first knee surgery).

‘Cleaner’ is important because of the anti-cancer drug (my AI).

She’s also prescribed “fun” and outings with friends. She wanted me to create a “for fun” calendar. We already have one! It just needs to have stuff added.

Because breast cancer, especially stage 3C breast cancer, hovers in the background … (a) anti-depressants are a fairly standard treatment and (b) it is unlikely that I will graduate from them.

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