The last Zometa treatment day

We left home a little after 7am for an 8 am blood draw. Given COVID-19 traffic, this was overkill!

It’s the first visit with my new oncologist. (Dr. Salazar moved to be near her grandchildren.) She seemed warm. She’s ordered another Dexa scan for me to take when I can get it scheduled.

We got an earlier slot for the Zometa infusion. This is the last of six infusions over three years, which is all that research supports as prevention for ILC (invasive lobular carcinoma) recurrence.

I took a Benadryl before leaving home, and the infusion starts with dexamethasone. Yes, of COVID-19 fame.

I dozed, as always.

Came home, curled up on sofa (I was cold) and slept two hours.

Now in bed under covers (still cold). Aches in right knee and hip, my two bad joints. And the cat thinks I need mothering!

(Yes she slept with me, but not on me, on the sofa.)

Tawna as nurse kitty

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