How I spent my Monday afternoon (aka, plastic surgery and mastectomy scars)

mastectomy plastic surgery

Most of you have probably never seen a mastectomy scar. And you’re not fully seeing them now, as these are bandaged. I am also wearing a compression sleeve for lymphedema (my left arm).

Although almost half of mastectomies do not involve reconstruction, it turns out that too many of these surgeries do not leave the woman “flat.” It’s highly unlikely that the scars will be “flat” if the patient isn’t savvy enough to use that word pre-op. I didn’t know.

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I cannot properly express how great this feels!

compression sleeve

This is a testament to spring microsurgery and daily use of my FlexiTouch pump: the sleeve on top is my new one. It looks smaller in real life. So much so that when I took it out of the package on Monday, I blurted out an adult word! But it fits great!!

Fingers crossed for additional surgery in the spring!

Take that, lymphedema!

What is intermittent fasting? And is it a good idea?

Fasting be back soon

Intermittent fasting, or intermittent energy restriction, is an umbrella term for a diet which involves cycling between a period of significantly reduced caloric intake (fasting) and a period of regular eating.

“Diet” or “dietary restriction” is what most of us think of as “going on a diet”, that is, reducing caloric intake.

Eating fewer calories.

Losing weight.

Those of us with estrogen-positive breast cancer who reduce our risk of recurrence by blocking the body’s estrogen production (aromatase inhibitors) … often find that weight gain is a direct side effect.

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What does depression look (and feel) like?

clouds sunset oregon

Just came back from a research screening session for depression at the University of Washington. They’re testing iPad/iPhone video game(s) for their ability to help reshape the brain. (This is my hypothesis given that there are before and after MRIs.)

It was much longer than I expected … and the conversational history wasn’t that different from an intake session with a new therapist. Read that as HARD.

I am physically the most wrung out that I’ve been in a long time.

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